Guillermo Navarte

Prioritizing Your Health!

Medical Doctor in Lehigh Acres, FL

If you live in Lehigh Acres, FL, and are looking for weight loss advice, your yearly vaccinations, or an annual physical checkup, the family practice of medical doctor Guillermo Navarte is the place to visit. Our team serves the community with family health services across the spectrum. From treating a common cold to creating a plan to caring for chronic conditions, we are here for you every step of the way. No matter where you are currently in terms of health, we can create treatment plans that will take your overall well-being to new, higher levels!

Maintain your health through weight loss and more balanced nutrition plans by making an appointment at our family practice. Start your new job on the right track or allow your child to play a team sport by getting a physical examination to ensure you’re safe and healthy. Immunizations are vital to protecting yourself and others from dangerous and often deadly diseases and infections, and we can provide them in our office.